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Tautou for Coco

Coco paved the way for the alternative. Could the casting for Coco Avant Chanel be more perfect with the chosen Tautou? My long respect for both women is solely coincidental, I promise. Though primarily recognized was an innovator of fashion and liberator of women, it has always been the character and story of Coco that I have fallen in love with. Her undying influence on fashion and social norms in America genuinely radiated from herself. She lived up to her own expectations and standards, while breaking some of the rules in world around her, and had the ability to move people because of it.

There always seemed to be something beautifully sad about her throughout the movie. Although the movie focused on her emotional life rather than her career, I still felt as though the movie could have reflected more of her dynamic influence. I recommend reading her biography to any woman. Incredible historical figure for women.

The marketing of Chanel No. 5 historically signified a marked change for women. Named with Chanel’s lucky number, the bottle was designed with a masculine shape to contradict the norms. Tautou’s face has recently been seen representing this product due to this recent role in her biographical movie. An honor.

Alabaster Eggs

Marble eggs. Glass eggs. Accenting with extra-long stemmed flowers previously blogged, this can be an artsy and chic way to be festive without being overdone for either Spring or Easter.  Eggs are becoming somewhat trendy, so I may stick to solely Easter. Finally, the life long odd obsession with both marble (well, mainly Italian Alabaster) and glass eggs can be put to use! You can find marble eggs at a few novelty stores. Williams and Sonoma were selling a bright bundle of marble eggs last year around this time. Jeri Lynn had sent me the eggs above in for Easter last year (Voondeva!), but I’m not sure where she found them.  I’ll ask and update.

Italian Alabaster Eggs:

Odd obsession background for entertainment: I remember the day I used to carry them around in my pockets (named, of course) because I loved them so much and didn’t know what to do with them. My Swedish grandmother collected painted ones, but I had a heart for the marbled. I stumbled upon my first at Pier One Imports in 1992. I bought a striking (oo-la la) red-orange marble egg to start my collection. After 2 years, I had 4 cherished and beautiful marble eggs: orange, yellow-orange, red-orange (all large), and a miniature one that was pink and purple. Yes, I brought these to school with me. Come on, I went to a private school, I needed some entertainment! Anyway, one day, they mysteriously disappeared. I think for the better. Although somewhat tragic, I moved on.

Here’s another wonderfully subtle Easter decor I spotted from Williams Sonoma:

Who knew you could fall in love with the antagonist, The Wicked Witch of the West?Wicked, which is the prequel and adaption of the story The Wizard of OZ, was absolutely riveting and will forever change your notion of the story you’ve always known. The show has this continuous energy that keeps the audience’s hearts beating for more throughout the show. The subtitle is “The untold story of the witches of Oz”.  To briefly summarize it, the story starts at the point where the Wicked Witch of the West (real name, Elphaba. How incredibly perfect?) has just died with the Good Witch Glinda appearing and being asked to explain how the Wicked Witch got to be wicked. Glinda and Elphaba were actually roommates and a super-exclusive boarding school. The writers take some liberty with the original Oz elements (as the two become intertwined pretty quickly), and did an impressive job at answering all of the questions you may or may not have had.  I feel most of the audience obtains answers and explanations to questions unacknowledged stemming from open-ended character elements.  For example, why didn’t the Tin Man have a heart?  Why didn’t the Scarecrow have a brain? What made the Lion a coward? Were they all interconnected? What was so significant about the ruby red slippers? Why did the witch’s sister wear them in the first place? Was there an unseen perfectly designed plan in Wizard of Oz? Did the Wicked Witch of the West devise her own defeat? And more. The show was brilliant. The music, unbeatable. Since we were in the heart of  NY, I do feel we were privileged with the best casting, but I feel seeing it anywhere would be quite the experience!  Here are a few pictures from the show we saw:


You know when you are reading a book, and you don’t anticipate the next chapter to come until you realized you have turned the last page of the current chapter? That is what this morning feels like in life. A new chapter is beginning. Today. Am I on the last page or starting a new chapter?

Clever Belt

Ty has a hard time keeping on weight. Between disc golf, manual projects, and being an active person, his metabolism is a beast and has left him a minimal rear to keep his pants up. I have been keeping my eye out for a solid belt for a while now, but between both of our persnickety tastes, this has been quite the challenge…until one winter afternoon. I had been shopping for a few things on Etsy for the holidays and I came across this featured male artist who crafted belt buckles. There it was. This wasn’t just any belt buckle. This was a utility buckle. Not only was it rustic and natural, but it had a mean little groove intended for…bottle opening. Money. I always loved looking at my dad’s collection of buckles; ranging from Yosemite Sam to 70’s skateboarders; he had a legit array of buckles. I, too, began buying belt buckles and interchanging them. This being said, it struck the perfect chord with me when I saw this young seller’s craftsmanship. Bought it on the spot.

and paired it with this Carhart belt:

Between his love for Coca Cola Classics in glass bottles, Saranacs, and Sierra Nevadas, I thought this might be handy in more ways than one. Poor guys are usually on the back burner with innovative fashions, but thanks to the past decade, this has all been changing.